On a roll

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Despite days of poor light and wind conditions I reckon I have been on a bit of a roll: Less than 2 weeks separates the first and last shots on this flickr screen dump. They lie on a rough line … Continue reading

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Summer breeze and a kite on the beach

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Since the drones came out a few years ago, kite aerial photography lost interest for a few photographers that are just looking for photographic results. I am also looking for results but I need that poetic aspect of doing it … Continue reading

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Low tide at Snettisham Scalp

High pressure weather systems drive me nuts, you get good sunlight but no wind.  I have work to do at Denver but the wind was having none of it so I reckoned a further half hour drive north might get … Continue reading

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Refining RX1 KAP

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1st flight results with the full frame mirror-less camera have been a joy, the image quality surpasses anything I have achieved this far. Cropping down to detail works a treat and the sharpness, even at wide apertures is gratifying. Problem … Continue reading

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‘L’ rig for panoramic capture

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Panoramic image capture by kite requires a robust low power rig. To get the best of the opportunity a long runtime is an advantage. A simple L of aluminium can form a portrait aspect rig driven by a 360 servo.
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More dots, more detail: ‘full frame’ KAP

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Some pixel peeping to begin:This is a 100% crop from this frame: and that is simply what I’m on about here, a 25mp 35mm x26mm sensor captures more light than a smaller sensor, no matter how pumped with photosites it … Continue reading

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From KAP to map

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With scale and chain you may obtain The knowledge of your ground. If that you try all points thereby Each figure will be found. Your compass stride on every side Each angle it will shew Do all with care you … Continue reading

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What is the best kite for KAP?

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Originally posted on Billboyheritagesurvey's Blog:
If I had to choose one kite above any other that I’ve flown as a camera lifter it would be this one: the Into The Wind Levitation 9′ Delta. It needs one simple modification…

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Ouse Washes Community KAP walk: proof of concept.

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In looking at aerial photography as a group activity the ‘KAP walk’ is an option that brings participants into the landscape and develops a topographic record that is both repeatable and revealing, it gives an opportunity to get large scale … Continue reading

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What is Community KAP?

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This is an activity, open to all ages and abilities (subject to appropriate supervision) that is relaxing, fun and places one in the landscape in a unique way. What is it? KAP stands for Kite Aerial Photography and was invented … Continue reading

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