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A tale of two “16”s

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Left: Didak Explorer 16.Right HQ KAPfoil 1.6 The wind was so big the birds were flying sideways but none the less I thought I needed to fly…. Bft 6 challenge. Small, tailess foil kites don’t do so well in strong … Continue reading

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The Red Hot 20

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First flights are encouraging and the Red Hot 20 lifts 300g in Bft 2 reliably. Measured up it looks a lot like other foils but the key differences are in the fabric and the chord profile: The plan reveals a … Continue reading

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A light wind lifter by Peter Blackmore

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A parcel arrived and on opening I discovered from the covering note I am now the owner of an original custom kite by Peter Blackmore, it’s been a project of his for a while to find an optimum soft kite … Continue reading

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Testing times

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Peter Blackmore and I are looking at the ‘soft’ kite options including modification of existing designs. There are occasions when soft kites have a clear advantage in deployment, they pack small and are not fragile in the way sparred kites … Continue reading

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Community KAP workshop Nr2

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If the weather permits a walk along the bank of the Great Ouse should furnish some intresting views. A downwind walk anlong the riverside is a pleasure, with a kite aloft the aerial view can be captured… As far as … Continue reading

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KAPfoil 1.6 in Bft3

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I have been kindly lent an HQ example of Ralf Beutnagel‘s KAPfoil1.6 by Peter Blackmore and flew it today in a light South Easterly. For comparison I flew it alongside the Becotised Ultrafoil 15, this would be well short of … Continue reading

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Becotised ITW Ultrafoil 15: Summary

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ITW Ultafoil 15:  summary of modifications for improved Bft 5 stability Bridle length increased to 3.8m Centre bridle line reduced by 1cm Tail increased to 8.5m Vent through put increased by 200% Keel vents added The modifications of the kite … Continue reading

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Stock /Becotised ITW Ultrafoil 15 fly off

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I have the loan of an un-modified ‘stock’ Ufoil15. Here it is flying alongside the Becotised version. The lateral movement of the stock kite is clearly visible as is the effect of the modified kite. Lighting conditions were poor but … Continue reading

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Becotised Ultrafoil 15. Good kite, happy man.

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The last one of these I did was for the HQ Flowform2.0 which uses a much heavier grade of fabric. For the Ufoil which I think is 31g/m Icarex I used a No.60 needle and a fine  polyester thread. Tulle … Continue reading

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Ultrafoil 15 mods for stability part 3

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Into the Wind, suppliers of the Ultrafoil describe the kite thus: “ITW UltraFoil 15 Kite Ray and Jeanne Merry update the Flowform With its uniquely vented design, the UltraFoil 15 has a very wide wind range. In light winds, its … Continue reading

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