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I qualified in the early eighties and have been in practice ever since.

Metric drawings from point clouds : the basics

In Recap point clouds are impressive. To get to something you can draw from they need slicing. Remember line of sight from the scanner will result in lost data in occluded areas, the ‘dark’ shadows are holes in the data. … Continue reading

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Sir John & Lady de Creke 1325

A return with DSLR, tripod and remote shutter control. A high bypass filter applied to achieve a negative impression. I believe the text below is from: The Monumental Brasses of Cambridgeshire Volume 4 of Monumental Brass Society. County series by … Continue reading

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Sir John de Creke 1325

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3 frame monatge Canon Ixus 70. Hand held monoplanar rectification.

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Shooting for architectural photogrammetry.

1.Golden rules: Convergence: 2 images pointing at the same object from 2 view points creates intersections: this is convergent imagery. Overlap: pairs of convergent images must overlap by at least a third. Consistency: focal length, aperture and ISO need to … Continue reading

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TheoLt interface for Leica TS03 and TS07

The TS03 and TS07 instruments vary from the previous TS06 type by having the 5 pin Lemo comport fitted on the moving part of the horizontal circle. This can be an issue for the cable interface. The user interface is … Continue reading

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Disto D3aBT ..the ghost in the machine.

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I’m only an occasional user of the Disto as a direct to CAD device, it’s a clunky way to work but now and again it makes sense for simple plans. Last time I did this I used the Leica Disto … Continue reading

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Quick drawing snaps

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Visiting a drawing archive is frought with worry, with no flatbed scanner, tripod or lighting control quick snaps is often all that’s possible. I’m packing a bag for a trip to an archive and decided to see if the Ricoh … Continue reading

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L1 20C MF calibration

With the camera set to manual mode, aperture at f8, shutter at 1/8th with focus set to infinity. The aircraft gimbal was set to lock on exposure. With manual focus set to infinity, the calibration characteristics are similar to the … Continue reading

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L1 20c Calibration

The Mavic 2 pro camera is known to be photogrammetrically capable. The constraints of the electronic shutter are known and the GSD is covered here: Getting optimum modelling from it requires a calibration. Below find the results of a … Continue reading

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Survey heroes

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Put ‘Surveyor’ into Google image search and you might think surveying is all about theodolites, tripods and rugged looking, hard hatted individuals squinting through telescopes or pointing to the horizon in an intrepid manner. The near universal association between surveying … Continue reading

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