So, what to do with that old GoPro?…

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 As a piece of product design the GoPro is a winner, a high quality light-weight product with ruggedised casing and super wide lens- the perfect action cam. Before the GoPro getting first person viewpoint video of surfing, snowboarding, parachuting, scuba … Continue reading

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A tale of two “16”s

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Left: Didak Explorer 16.Right HQ KAPfoil 1.6 The wind was so big the birds were flying sideways but none the less I thought I needed to fly…. Bft 6 challenge. Small, tailess foil kites don’t do so well in strong … Continue reading

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McKay’s Building Construction figures 60 & 61

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As a public service I post 2 plates from W B McKay’s Building Construction (1944 reprint). They are plates 60 and 61 relating to sash window joinery:

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Diagram it!

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There are many advantages to the kite as aerial platform for photography but very few practitioners use it. One reason KAP is seen as ‘difficult’ is the reliability issue. Many clients can’t or won’t wait for the required conditions. The … Continue reading

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Protected: Disto S910 +TheoLt = cheap BIM capture?

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Royston Kite Festival 2016

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On request from the radio team at IWM Duxford I turned up equipped to fly a 40m short wave antenna.This is our radio station with the yellow antenna wire on the floor after running the radio for a couple of … Continue reading

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The Red Hot 20

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First flights are encouraging and the Red Hot 20 lifts 300g in Bft 2 reliably. Measured up it looks a lot like other foils but the key differences are in the fabric and the chord profile: The plan reveals a … Continue reading

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The sky in the water: Manea Pit

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Vegetation follows the baulks of the flooded clay, not gravel, pit. Most pits in these parts are dug for gravel, the Manea Pit was dug for the re-enforcement of the banks of the washes. From the Manea Pit Management Plan … Continue reading

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A light wind lifter by Peter Blackmore

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A parcel arrived and on opening I discovered from the covering note I am now the owner of an original custom kite by Peter Blackmore, it’s been a project of his for a while to find an optimum soft kite … Continue reading

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A5 boxes

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Practice practice, the harder I try the harder it gets to build these things small.  As a design constraint the box has forced some decisions: Pendulum suspension too big (I tried very hard to get one to fit but no) … Continue reading

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