The Rixen Kaul experiment

So much of life on a bike is about compromise: I ride a 12kg steel bike because I know the terrain I ride over and the loads I shift from time to time would destroy a featherweight machine so I … Continue reading

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Barrier trajectory

The trajectory forced by the barriers on the South ramp of the Swavesey bridge is unsafe. Once a rider has made the transition a few times speeds increase. The resultant path is actually worse than the unmodified elbow in place … Continue reading

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The 5 principles of Cycle Infrastructure Design in Cambridgeshire

Cambridshire hosts 2 big cycling schemes. Do they meet the test of the 5 design principles of LTN1/20? Continue reading

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Designed for the non motorised user?

Good infrastructure connects, poor infrastructure divides. In the grand scheme of things the state of our cycle infrastructure is probably not the most important thing in our lives. I was surprised when a pair of ‘road men’ were not interested … Continue reading

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Barred at Bar Hill: accidents waiting to happen

Since the 28th of July 2020 government policy on the design of cycle infrastructure is governed by 5 core principles. Networks and routes should be: Coherent Direct Safe Comfortable Attractive The massive investment involved in the iconic bridge which links … Continue reading

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Hunting the nmu, what happened to the ‘high quality’ NMU route?

The A14 Non Motorised User (NMU) route was cut on January 29th 2021 as barriers were errected at the foot of the acess ramps to the magnificent new bridges at Bar Hill and Swavesey. They are installed as a result … Continue reading

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Arduino directed & auto KAP rig: servo swap

At the January 2021 KAPIZoom I was asked to demonstrate my rig and controller and I was a tad embarrassed to have the thing misbehave on the day. The rig has been plagued with a jittering tilt movement from day … Continue reading

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Old & new cycle routes around Cambridge

I am grateful for any route that keeps me away from motor traffic, my days of plugging along with rolling tonnage roaring past my right shoulder are, after one brush with death too many, over. They say Cambridge is a … Continue reading

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TheoLt interface for Leica TS03 and TS07

The TS03 and TS07 instruments vary from the previous TS06 type by having the 5 pin Lemo comport fitted on the moving part of the horizontal circle. This can be an issue for the cable interface. The user interface is … Continue reading

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A Cambridge wheel: anywhere the wind blows…

This gallery contains 9 photos.

This is an on-going project born out of the boredom of lockdown. The routes are a mix of NCR, green lanes and downright awful dirt tracks. Most of my rides are logged on Strava: B

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