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DSLR KAP: Auto focus modes and the moving camera

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I have just returned from another disappointing flight which produced far too many blurred shots like the image on the left. The camera doesn’t do this when it’s in my hand so it must be the big movements when the … Continue reading

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DSLR KAP solving the shutter release.

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After a flight of more than 3 hours duration over an ‘easy’ target (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bblakecambridge/6147138957/)  with different permutations of exposure control ( auto-focus, manual focus fixed to infinity, shutter priority, aperture priority, AF area mode, fixed ISO, PL filter on/off etc.) … Continue reading

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DSLR KAP…what larks!

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So to get the benefit of flying the increased load of the DSLR I need to sort servo control and video feed to ground. Not a simple matter given the D70’s mass and connectivity. I wire up what I can and … Continue reading

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Digitising, what is it good for?

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Given the choice between a good ortho-image and a line drawing which would you choose?For this record survey of an historic floor a mosaic of rectified images was assembled to provide a brick by brick record commensurate with 1:20 scale. … Continue reading

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A good photograph is knowing where to stand.

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Ansel Adams said as much and I choose to stand above the landscape wherever my kite will let me. Photography is a search for revelation of the sense of place. It is not simply about the technical qualities of the … Continue reading

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System ‘integration’ 2

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This is my current ground station set up. It’s a complete replacement after my 1st one was jumped on by an over-enthusiastic young dog. The blameless animal rushed me as I was hauling line, I had put the controller on … Continue reading

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