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Community KAP workshop Nr2

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If the weather permits a walk along the bank of the Great Ouse should furnish some intresting views. A downwind walk anlong the riverside is a pleasure, with a kite aloft the aerial view can be captured… As far as … Continue reading

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KAPfoil 1.6 in Bft3

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I have been kindly lent an HQ example of Ralf Beutnagel‘s KAPfoil1.6 by Peter Blackmore and flew it today in a light South Easterly. For comparison I flew it alongside the Becotised Ultrafoil 15, this would be well short of … Continue reading

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Your 2016 KAP calendar

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My print run didn’t go as far as I’d hoped this year- the calendars proved too popular. As far as I know they adorn the walls of farm houses, offices and kitchens from Athens to Ottawa. For those who need … Continue reading

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Becotised ITW Ultrafoil 15: Summary

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ITW Ultafoil 15:  summary of modifications for improved Bft 5 stability Bridle length increased to 3.8m Centre bridle line reduced by 1cm Tail increased to 8.5m Vent through put increased by 200% Keel vents added The modifications of the kite … Continue reading

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Stock /Becotised ITW Ultrafoil 15 fly off

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I have the loan of an un-modified ‘stock’ Ufoil15. Here it is flying alongside the Becotised version. The lateral movement of the stock kite is clearly visible as is the effect of the modified kite. Lighting conditions were poor but … Continue reading

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OWLP KAP workshop No1

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The Ouse and Holt Island. A canoe party paddle past St Ives Hemmingford Meadow and Holt Island: pasture and osier beds on the Ouse floodplain. Only the brave turned out, it was cold (4c) windy and early. Sunlight was sparse … Continue reading

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Speed the plough

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The last tractor ploughing at the Prickwillow Ploughing Festival 2015…this is GPS guided work, perfect parallel. When freshly ploughed the sandy clays of the ancient river beds shine through the black fen:I almost gave up on this, the forecast was … Continue reading

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1st Oct 2015 flaky wind on Midsummer Common

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The last wire snapped in place, connections checked..the case screwed shut at last and almost no wind. High pressure and an dominant NorEasterly are never good in these parts and so it proved to be- the one lifter (the Jones … Continue reading

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A theme has emerged, ‘always be Knolling’ seems to have morphed into ..stripes… B

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Look: no gloves!

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I have had an original Dan LeighR8 in my possession for a while now. It’s an interesting lifter and I’m lucky to have it- Dan doesn’t make them any more. While my RC controller is at the machine shop I … Continue reading

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