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Why KAP is different to SUA photography

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Positioning a camera by kite is a straight forward affair. You can either get over your subject or you can’t. The camera lies on the path between you and the kite and although catenary or slack line comes into play … Continue reading

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Drawing for… understanding

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New guidance. In providing a client with a specification for historic building survey I had a reminder that Historic England has published new guidance on drawing so I took the time to read it through. It is a guide to … Continue reading

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Photoscale and ground cover

If you need to know what the ground cover for a given camera at a given height will be the photoscale formula will do this for a true nadir shot of a level surface. Photoscale=f/h where f= focal length of … Continue reading

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Kite aerial photogrammetry: 4 infill points & break-lines

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Hunting the edges. Ideally break lines should be digitised off the surface mesh but for speed these lines are traced of the ortho-photo as polylines then matched to the required z value before reducing them to plain 2d lines and … Continue reading

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Time of day

I’m shooting an earthwork monument for photogrammetry, and its taken months of patient work by the team at OWLP to get all the required consents, so as soon as I got the email from Natural England confirming permission and the … Continue reading

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From KAP to map

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With scale and chain you may obtain The knowledge of your ground. If that you try all points thereby Each figure will be found. Your compass stride on every side Each angle it will shew Do all with care you … Continue reading

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Leica MS50 the new ‘universal’?

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After a lot of hype Leica have launched a new TST. At launch we were introduced to the MS50 badged ‘Nova’. The new instrument is a unique combination of technologies which, when taken together, look like a powerful tool for … Continue reading

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Stereo KAP for mapping

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This contour model is remarkable for 2 reasons: 1 it is derived from KAP imagery and 2 it has captured in 3D some very subtle detail of the earthwork: the firing step and the ‘bridge’ bank across the ditch have … Continue reading

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The new surveying:VirtuSurv- From scan to plan without the dots!

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I am preparing a tender for the survey of a Roman site so to see if I can use a scanner and VirtuSurv to prep 1:200 scale plans  I got the loan of both for a day. The FARO Focus … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry: getting more out of the 3×3 rules*

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As digital cameras get better (and cheaper) getting metric data from images is ever more accessible. There are lots of whizzy looking models all over the web of everything from your back garden to the pyramids ; so what is the … Continue reading

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