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Protected: KAP to Map: TheoContour r10 walk-through

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A cheap tablet for TheoLt

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Tablets are becoming ubiquitous, the rise of the iPad and its Android competitors has pushed Microsoft to develop a ‘re-worked’ tablet PC by getting Windows to work like IOS or Android. Windows is now something you can drive with your … Continue reading

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The slippery slope: CAD hachures

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The depiction of slope by hachure shading is a cartographic convention that dates back to the Austrian cavalry officer Johann Georg Lehmann who, in 1799, devised a system for the rapid military mapping of terrain by field drawing. It has … Continue reading

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I love it when a plan comes together!

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Getting a precise plan of a building like this needs a good control network: I went for a classic  loop of stations to fix the exterior footprint with a spine though the building to hang resections from. With this project … Continue reading

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Converting Metric drawings to Imperial

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I recently got in a tangle over this so I thought I’d post a tested method to convert a Metric drawing to Imperial. If you simply change the length ‘units‘ in the drawing, all that happens is that the distance … Continue reading

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Surveying with the Motion CL900

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Tablet PCs come and tablet PCs go but the problem of the field PC remains the same. What we need is a reliable, daylight readable and portable device that will run CAD all day long so that we can see … Continue reading

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Elevation views in AutoCAD

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One of the most frequently asked questions by TheoLt users is: ‘How do I get an elevation view of the building I’m measuring?’ TheoLt sends 3D data to AutoCAD which is plotted in the lines and layers of your choice. … Continue reading

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