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As built 1856

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Preliminary results of metric survey for conservation. TST traverse and wireframe plus rectified photography, measured drawing and roof details by KAP: B

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Presenting metric measured drawing

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Line weights make a big difference to the readability of drawings. By emphasising opening edges depth in the view is apparent and architectural form is evident as space and volume. Sections tend to reveal the value of lineweights as queues … Continue reading

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D3aBT..back from the dead!

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It’s not often obsolete devices come back from the dead but this has happened for the Disto3aBT. Leica have released a new version of their DistoTransfer software that gets it working with Windows 10. Microsoft killed my Disto. It’s been … Continue reading

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Unlearning line: what is LOD 500?

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Can a survey scale relate to a BIM* LOD? “LOD 500: The Model Element is a field verified representation in terms of size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation. Non-graphic information may also be attached to the Model Elements.” Ref AIA, … Continue reading

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CAD … touching the Surface

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New year, new tablet, new CAD. CAD by touch on the Surface Pro 4 is interesting. On the face of it the Surface is an ideal ‘CAD on the go’ platform: plenty of processing grunt and good battery life. Sure … Continue reading

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Drawing for… understanding

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New guidance. In providing a client with a specification for historic building survey I had a reminder that Historic England has published new guidance on drawing so I took the time to read it through. It is a guide to … Continue reading

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Protected: Disto S910 +TheoLt = cheap BIM capture?

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RP Elevations by TheoLt & QGIS

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Required tools • AutoCAD /BricsCAD • TheoLt http://www.theolt.com/downloads/TheoLtR10.exe • Image processing tools: Light room/Photoshop/MS Paintshop • QGIS https://www.qgis.org/en/site/forusers/download.html# QGIS is a freeware, open source, GIS compiler for map based database work. It includes a useful geo-referencing tool which will re-project … Continue reading

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GeoMax Zoom 80 & TheoLt

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A generic, ‘no frills’ robotic TST is not something you’d necessarily associate with Leica but the parent company Hexagon has provided just that with the GeoMax Zoom 80, a TCRA 1200 in all but name supplied as a current product … Continue reading

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ArchDoc 2013: dawn of the new photogrammetric age

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On returning from ArchDoc 2013 I have come home with the clear impression the camera is by far and away the most powerful and effective tool in the box. Here I summarise the state of the art by looking at some common misunderstandings about technique. Continue reading

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