L1 20C MF calibration

With the camera set to manual mode, aperture at f8, shutter at 1/8th with focus set to infinity. The aircraft gimbal was set to lock on exposure. With manual focus set to infinity, the calibration characteristics are similar to the … Continue reading

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L1 20c Calibration

The Mavic 2 pro camera is known to be photogrammetrically capable. The constraints of the electronic shutter are known and the GSD is covered here: https://billboyheritagesurvey.wordpress.com/2019/05/01/mavic-pro-2-gsd8mm/ Getting optimum modelling from it requires a calibration. Below find the results of a … Continue reading

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Survey heroes

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Put ‘Surveyor’ into Google image search and you might think surveying is all about theodolites, tripods and rugged looking, hard hatted individuals squinting through telescopes or pointing to the horizon in an intrepid manner. The near universal association between surveying … Continue reading

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Bracket that

This gadget is a useful ‘3rd hand’. It has developed over the years I have been using TheoLt for live CAD capture from TST. It has changed according to the size and weight of field computer, early models were sheet … Continue reading

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Measured survey & measured drawing

On drawing. The observation and concentration required to understand an object, depict it and see how its form fits in with the pattern of known forms is the soul of recording architecture, it is the very essence of a process … Continue reading

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Your 2020 BBHD calendar

All these shots are by taken means of a kite except January, March, October & November which were shot from a drone. B

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Mapping with the Mavic

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Aerial mapping with the Mavic 2 Pro for 1:200 sale topographic survey is possible and the theoretical GSD is adequate. As the Mavic has no DGPS capacity GCPs are essential. Issues of image resolution, GPS/barometric heighting* and autonomous mission control … Continue reading

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from ‘The Graphic’ 27th Dec 1879

The page caption reads: ‘The distress in Ireland -sketches by our special artist’    

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Trapped by technology?

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  A look back Next year will see the 20th ArchDoc week at the RLICC. In preparation for this I have been asked to write a summary of the 20 editions of the initiative for publication.  I have collected my … Continue reading

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PfCO, CAP 722 & the 50m bubble

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A new edition of CAP722. Following discussion with PfCO holders  I have been looking at the prohibited space restriction as published in the July 2019 edition of CAP722: The hatched area are those zones in which small UAS flight is … Continue reading

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