Cambridge to Huntingdon: update

This was the abrupt end to my ride to Huntingdon in January 2021. I ran out of road….

..and this is what the same spot looked like in May 2021. The A14 enhancement NMU route from Girton to Fenstanton is complete! Gettting to Huntingdon is still a bit of a muddle, the cycleway kind of peters out as you get to Fenstanton where it’s back to either riding on the pavement or taking your luck with the speeding traffic between villages…and boy do they speed!

This is the next ( and last) section of the A14 projects NMU route. It extends the route to about half a mile short of Fenstanton.
The final section is nicely separated from the A1307. As with the rest of the route priority is given to field gates and side roads.
The terminal leg of the NMU route toward Huntigdon.

Although the NMU route is much better than using the racetrack roads it doesn’t get to Huntingdon and involves quite a bit of pavement riding to get to Fenstanton.

The clock tower at Fenstanton, one day I will get a photo of it without a closely packed ring of parked cars around it.
The missing section is a muddle of local roads with stop/ start pavements and meadow footpaths that flood in the winter.

So the route to Huntingdon is incomplete despite the millions spent. 8km short and a choice of a direct route riding on the A1307 or a ramble around a series of minor roads with stop start ‘shared’ pavements and winter flooded meadow paths.


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