Barrier trajectory

The trajectory forced by the barriers on the South ramp of the Swavesey bridge is unsafe. Once a rider has made the transition a few times speeds increase. The resultant path is actually worse than the unmodified elbow in place since July. I’m a fairly slow rider and this clip is at actual speed. Without the fenced elbow a runaway would simply end up on the verge, axle deep in mud.

Ortho-image of the Swavesey South ramp junction. Concern over the risk of runaway cyclists (at Bar Hill) caused the county Council and Highways England to place barriers at the foot of the ramp.

The elbow creates a hazard and the route is indicated as making a right turn onto the roadway toward Boxworth. The roadway has no markings, signage or speed control at this point so, although there is a refuge of sorts on the island, this is an unsafe situation for the cyclist in many ways.

A simpler transition with sight-lines to asses approaching motor traffic is possible without the sudden ejection path forced by the barriers.

Without barriers a transition with good visibility of approaching motor traffic can be achieved and a 2 step crossing can be made at a safer distance from the roundabout. It is possible the intention was to allow cyclists to progress counter-clockwise around the roundabout to get to the facilities at Cambridge Services, something which may be in the future as the site is being remodelled just now.

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