TheoLt interface for Leica TS03 and TS07

The TS03 and TS07 instruments vary from the previous TS06 type by having the 5 pin Lemo comport fitted on the moving part of the horizontal circle. This can be an issue for the cable interface. The user interface is also very different being a Windows CE7 based system.

Note that the trigger key cannot be set for the combined function measure & record as a single function.

TheoLt requires the instrument to read angles in either DMS or decimal degrees, Instruments set up in gon, mil or rad will need to be re-configured accordingly. Horizontal Angles should be ‘right reading’ or clockwise. Vertical angle should read with Zenith as zero and 90 as horizontal on F1.

1. Prepare the instrument. Remove USB, SD memory cards.

2. Locate settings. At the home screen select settings:

3. Select Comms method. Select, settings, connect, interface: and set the Port to RS232 ( for using the serial cable GEV 267).

4. Open TheoLt and the Options and Settings panel, select Instrument interface options and select the instrument* from the list.

5. Identify the com port on the PC. Find the USB com port for the cable via device manager ( the port number must be in the 1-8 range, this is editable under properties, port settings, advanced).

Select the port in TheoLt Options and Settings panel under Instrument Interface options,Total Station COM port. Check the TheoLt coms settings agree with the Baud rate, Data bit etc. shown at step 3, by use of the ‘click here to edit’ button:

6. Set output to interface. On the instrument return to Settings, select General, then Data and select the Output tab:

Set output to ‘Interface’ The GSI format and mask can be left at the defaults. Use ‘Cont’ to enter the change.

7. Accept the interface. Return to the home screen and select Survey:

The ‘store’ button will send to the cable, there will be a prompt to confirm ‘Recording to interface?’

Accepting the information pop-up will set the interface for the current session until power down.

The measure and store sequence will need to be followed when working from the instrument, Calling data from TheoLt with the ‘all’ button will action both.

The first shot received by TheoLt will prompt the orientation procedure.

With an orientation complete the drawing tab is actioned.

With the interface complete it will be saved as current and be available for all subsequent sessions.

8. Trouble shooting.

Common issues are:

  • USB cable drivers missing.
  • incorrect cable for Windows version.
  • incorrect Com port assignment
  • corrupted TheoLt.ini file
  • multiple TheoLt instances open
  • Instrument configured for other coms options (RCS, radio handle etc.)

* Adding the instrument to the Total Station list. If the TS03/TS07 is not present in the list it can be accessed via the settings file ‘TheoLt.ini’. It is advised a safe copy of this file is preserved prior to any editing in case of error.

a) Locate the file on the system. In the Options and Settings panel, TheoLt applications options, Settings file, click in the text field and then hit the ‘…’ button to open the file location.

Open the file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad) by a right click, ‘open with’ option.

b) Locate the Instrument settings. Scroll down to the section [Instruments] or use edit, ‘find’ to search for [Instruments].

c) Add the instrument title to the index list. At the last line of the index add the next number and ‘xx=instrument name’ to the list, the index numbers must be sequential:

d) Add the interface. Copy the index entry and paste into square brackets to the text area below the list and add the following text thus:

[Leica TS03/TS07/TS10]


















e) Save the file, close the editor and restart TheoLt,select the instrument from the list and proceed from step 4.

BBHD 07012021

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