Quick drawing snaps

Visiting a drawing archive is frought with worry, with no flatbed scanner, tripod or lighting control quick snaps is often all that’s possible. I’m packing a bag for a trip to an archive and decided to see if the Ricoh GR is a better bet than the big heavy Nikon D5100 with its tele/wide AFX 18-70. For speed (or just plain laziness) I set both cameras to auto. On the left the Nikon on the right the Ricoh. The sensor sizes are the same as is the pixel count so I was surprised to see the fixed lens Ricoh did better at recording the sharpness of the line.

Both cameras carry PL filters, lighting was by LED desklamp.

Nikon D5100Ricoh GR
focal length15mm18.3

Hand held at these shutter speeds is not ideal, the sharpness of the Ricoh shot is surprising but perhaps because of the lower iso or the easier framing over the desk where the size and weight of the Nikon tele/wide lens makes it awkward as well as being a source of greater light loss to the sensor.

The big DSLR is a far more flexible camera but the weight saving on this trip means the Ricoh will suffice.


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