Mavic Pro 2 GSD=8mm

The Mavic 2Pro’s L1D-20c camera has photogrammetric potential. To establish flight parameters for 1:200 scale mapping with it an effective minimum ceiling and shot interval need to be tested. In theory this is a simple application of the photo-scale equation but in practice the exposure, capture rate and camera characteristics have an influence on what works best.

In preparation for a Community Archaeology Project I flew nadir cover of a site with open fields in 3 sides at 3 heights: 25, 65 and 90m AGL.

The camera was set to ISO 200, aperture priority at f8, ev-0.3, shutter speeds were between 1/120th and 1/240th.

A 50% reduction of the projected ortho-image processed from 91 frames:


100% screen grab from ortho-image:

The original frame capture area:

capture was under broken cloud resulting in a mix of exposures:

Conclusion: The Mavic Pro 2 flown for nadir cover at a height of 25m AGL is sufficient to resolve 1:200 mapping  and at 90m for 1:1000. The 1.08ha area required a single battery (in windless conditions) for a 18min flight in 3 swaths. Obstacle avoidance to comply with PfCO required perimeter swaths to be flown at the higher level. No obliques were taken for this exercise, this would improve the under tree cover and allow surface edits (tree removal) prior to ortho production.

B (8867)

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3 Responses to Mavic Pro 2 GSD=8mm

  1. Pieter-Jan says:

    Hi Bill,

    It was some time since I was on your blog… still enjoy reading it very much!
    Quick question, the final ortho, was it based on the mesh or on a DEM?
    Do you have a preference/opinion regarding these aerial ortho’s, and what about close range orthophotographs?


    • Pieter-Jan,
      The ortho here was produced from a ‘height field’ mesh. I have found integrating close range infil images can be difficult, they need to be flown for deep overlap under overcast to avoid mixed exposure issues.

      Thanks for taking a look,

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