TheoLt on TS15 Viva

There are 3 elements to setting up the coms.

  1. Preparing the TS15

  2. Connecting TheoLt to the TS15

  3. Achieving the connection to CAD

This post deals with the first 2 elements, the connection to CAD will wait for another day..

Step 1 disconnect the CS: To begin the TS15 needs to be disconnected from the CS unit. The setting for this is under option 3 : Instrument Settings & Status Connections at the front screen. Hit the return button at top right of the screen to get back to the front screen if  the TS opens in Smartworx:

Next select Connections in the Instrument panel:

…and All other connections in the connections panel


and check the status of the CS, it appears in the list as the Field Controller:

select it and hit ‘edit’

make sure the ‘Allow’ box is unchecked. Hit OK and return to Connection Settings.

Step 2 Check GSI and GeoCom settings.

At Connection Settings select the GSI output and hit edit:ScreenShot004

In this instance I’m using a cable. Bluetooth is an option at this panel: ScreenShot005

Select ‘Device’ and the ‘Edit’ option will be available: ScreenShot005a

Select ‘Edit’…ScreenShot006

… to see the comms settings in use: make a note of the baud rate etc and return to the front panel. (If you are using Bluetooth you can skip this part) Repeat this for the GeoCom settings making sure they use the same port and coms protocol as the GSI.

Connection to TheoLt

Step 3 find the port number. Restart the TS, connect the gev 267 cable to the field PC and the instrument Com port. Find the port number it uses in Device Manager (on the list opened with a right click on the Windows icon in task bar).

If the port number is higher than 8 (a common problem with Bluetooth connections) it will need to be assigned a number between 1 and 8 in the advanced properties settings for the port in Windows.

Step 4 set the Coms in TheoLt. Open TheoLt:

Select the settings tab and expand the Total Station field in the Instrument interface options field, select Leica TS series:

Leica TPS1200 can be selected as a substitute if no TS series is present.

Select the Com port as indicated in Device Manager:

Click on the Total Station Port Settings and select the baud rate etc noted at step 2 above (this step is not required for Bluetooth connection):

save the settings with OK and TheoLt will return to its open state. Select the control tab.

Step 5 test the connection. On the TS15 return to the front screen and select ‘Go to work’ :

Select ‘Survey’ and…

… the Meas key will send data to TheoLt …

….prompting an orientation request:

with the orientation request received the coms are working.

Happy surveys,


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