Your 2019 KAP calendar

KAP oportunities this year seem to have been fewer than previous, a mix of work commitments and a see-saw of gales and calms have plagued me but, none the less I’m surprised at what’s turned up:
January: Wicker dancers in the frost at the Rollrights, Oxon.
February: the flood bank on the Old West River at Aldreth, Cambs.

March: Field barn in upstate Virginia, USA.

April: Cruising on the Old West River, Twenty Pence, Cambs.

May: The twin churches at Swaffam Prior, Cambs.

June: the Whispering Knights, Rollright, Oxon.

43218572531_b37af1d757_oJuly: On the sea wall at Felixstowe Ferry, Suffolk.

43218563001_1911ddc0b7_oAugust : Tide pool and placed rock defence at Felixstowe Ferry, Suffolk.

42888668874_61770bd802_oSeptember: The church of St Andrew Swavesy, Cambs.

39009056471_e8f791cae9_oOctober: On the South Brink of the Nene Wisbech, Cambs.

46066976362_7b0276f316_oNovember: Punts for hire on the Cam, Cambridge.

44924065614_26fd488c26_oDecember: All Saints church, Rickling, Essex

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