TheoLt for Leica TS Captivate series

If you select TPS1200 as the instrument in TheoLt and assuming Bluetooth/Windows version compatibility this is how I got a TS15 ‘Captivate’ instrument to work with TheoLt, the cable option may require the correct cable for windows version: GEV 267 with appropriate drivers is required for Win 8 and 10.

This example is for the Leica ‘Captivate’ interface by Bluetooth. Note that the default for the TS series is to work with a remote CS unit. TPS 1200 can be used as a substitute if no TS series is listed in TheoLt settings.

1. From the home menu select ‘Connections’ and then select option 3 ‘All other connections’. Ensure the CS is disabled. Select it at the Connection Setting page and uncheck the ‘Allow CS controller to connect to this instrument’ option. Close the page with ‘OK’



2. Return to the Connection Settings menu and select ‘GSI output’ and press Edit (F3) . Select ‘Output GSI data to device’ and choose the device ‘TS Bluetooth 1’. Save the selection with OK.


3. Repeat step 2 for the GeoCOM connection. Select it from the Connection setting menu, check the ‘Allow…’ option, select edit, choose the device TS Bluetooth 1. Save with ‘OK’


4. Add the TS as a Bluetooth device in Windows settings on the PC. Pairing code is 0000.


Find the outgoing port number by selecting  ‘More Bluetooth options’ with the TS highlit in the Bluetooth & other devices panel.


5. Return to the home menu on the TS, select ‘Measure’ and the F1 key will trigger a measure and send to TheoLt sequence. Points will also be stored according to the current job path, for work with TheoLt this data may be sent to a data file and retained or discarded.

6. Connection by cable will require taking note of the Comms protocol settings revealed by selecting the Edit at the Devices page. Both GSI and GeoCOM outputs need to use the cable with the same protocols.


Select ‘Device’ at the GSI Output Connection page and then Edit at the Devices page to reveal the Coms protocol.


Note the settings and ensure TheoLt is configured to match them.


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