A tale of 2 rigs.

Canon S95 on 2 axis auto rig, power by mobile ‘phone battery control by Click Pan Pro. The tilt servo is a high torque model which means this rig can take the heavy Conon EosM if it needs to. Suspension is by pendulum with plastic pivot bar= 300g:


Ricoh GR on manual/auto 2 axis rig with VTx, the battery is a 2s 1300mA 8.4vLiPo (required to power the 5.8 GHz VTx) = 520g:

The difference in weight and passive control means the Canon S95 wins when the wind is flaky.

Shutter release and exposure is by CHDK on the Canon and it relies on luck for framing shots. It surprises me how often I get a hit by estimation alone.

My last outing involved kite swaps and a lot of work to get a rig aloft, I wasn’t expecting much, autoKAP is a hit and mis affair, but luck let me walk home with this frame of our troubled railway:


Both of these rigs are over engineered to cope wth transport by bike and hike (and a certain ammount of bump and drag) Aluminium strip, plastic L section and steel bolts with nyloc nuts throughout add to the weight but ensure reliability.


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