RP Elevations by TheoLt & QGIS

Updated for QGIS 3.0.2…

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Required tools

• AutoCAD /BricsCAD
• TheoLt
• Image processing tools: Light room/Photoshop/MS Paintshop
• QGIS https://www.qgis.org/en/site/forusers/download.html#

QGIS is a freeware, open source, GIS compiler for map based database work. It includes a useful geo-referencing tool which will re-project images onto map co-ordinates. QGIS (like most GIS systems) does not work on vertical planes so care is need to get the image projection to work in the required plane.

Both CAD and QGIS applications will be run in a common Windows session.


Site capture:
Use TheoLt default orientation align with plane option for the first instrument set up for the principal facade. Trace wire frame in TheoLt of unambiguous target points/ edges/features. Edge traces of windows and building lines etc. Beware oblique shots. You may use reference positions (RPOS_ID) to mark points but ‘natural points’ (door window gutter line etc) are easier to interpret in CAD.
Acquire elevation photography…

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