Unlearning line: what is LOD 500?

Scale determines the level of deatil on a map, why not in BIM too?

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Can a survey scale relate to a BIM* LOD?

“LOD 500: The Model Element is a field verified representation in terms of size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation. Non-graphic information may also be attached to the Model Elements.”

Ref AIA, Guide, Instructions and Commentary to the 2013 AIA Digital Practice Documents.

The Level of Development (US) or Level of Detail and sometimes Level of Definition (UK) required for BIM does not stipulate a scale performance.  As the function of objects in the model will differ according to the design or construction stage involved it can be assumed the scalar performance (precision) will vary too.  I have searched in vain for a clear description of the BIM LODs in terms of drawing scales and the table below is as close as I can get based on my experience to date as a drawing service provider:

Approximate LOD to drawing…

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