D3aBT..back from the dead!

It’s not often incompatible kit gets a reprieve!

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d-3abt Leica D3aBT new in 2010 ..scrap 4 years later?

It’s not often obsolete devices come back from the dead but this has happened for the Disto3aBT. Leica have released a new version of their DistoTransfer software that gets it working with Windows 10.

Microsoft killed my Disto. It’s been a couple of years since my trusty Austrian made Disto 3aBT last worked with Windows 7 and my new Surface Pro only comes in Win 10 flavour so I have been resigned to looking for a replacement. There is no trade-in offer from Leica so I was stuck with a hefty replacement cost. It pained me to scrap an otherwise perfect tool for the sake of an operating system upgrade. These things are not cheap and to be forced to replace them makes me feel like a chump for buying it in the first place. At purchase it set me back…

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