a KAP win, in print at last

It’s been a while since I swung the camera at the Bottisham Lode on a blustery early October evening in 2014. It was taken in 2 frames from the Sony Rx1 camera lifted by a 9′ Levitation delta.  A year later I was thrilled to get an email asking to use the pic for a book cover.


Could Brexit Britain be a new ‘dark’ age?  The book title ‘The Anglo-Saxon Fenland’ makes me wonder about what post Roman Britain might have looked like- could it be a template for a post Brexit landscape- decline and isolation with a few pockets of  surviving mainland trade in an otherwise impoverished land ruled by ‘fundamentalists’, some more benign than others?  The connection between Britain and Europe is deep: the very name of these islands is derived from Europe, ‘Britainia’ is a Roman idea. Even outside the the EU our identity is a European one.

The Anglo-Saxon Fenland

Pondering aside I’m pleased to say the book’s in print at last with my shot on the cover. I think publishing it on the  Windgather Press is most apropriate!

Meanwhile I think it’s time for a nap: maybe common sense will prevail and the fractious nature of life on these islands will muddle toward some sort of compromise arrangement where we can all rest happy….




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3 Responses to a KAP win, in print at last

  1. Ramon says:

    Nice job, Bill. A great pic on the cover of a book by Susan Oosthuizen… Now this is a funny detail – Oosthuizen is a town not far away from where I live. Did some KAP there some years ago. Is the writer from NL?



    • This morning I found a lump under my doormat:

      and I emailed my thanks to the author and asked about ‘Oosthuizen’. Here is her reply:

      “Your question about my surname made me laugh. It simply means ‘east houses’ and could come from anywhere in Holland, but your correspondent is right that there is a village north of Amsterdam with the same name. As far as I can tell, my ancestors went out to S Africa in the mid-17thC, but whether or not they actually came from Oosthuizen is more than I can say. But I have done the tourist thing all the same, just in case, as you can see!”

      All the best
      Sue “

  2. Ramon says:

    Funny twist… To make it all complete, here is the link to the picture I made at Oosthuizen:


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