GTeng T909


GTeng T909 is small self powered video receiver that matches Immersion RC frequencies. The antenna is built in, its battery charges over a micro USB cable and runs for about an hour. With a bit of fiddling  I can get the whole set up in a single SKB 1209-4 case:


To test the range I ended up on Magog Down. I have to comply with by-law 13 here which seems perfectly reasonable to me although I notice I’m in a privileged position for aerial photography, the rules ban drones here:


2 kites, 500m of line, a harness, dog stake and 2nd rig all fit on the bike nicely….



The  Ricoh GR camera, rig, spare batteries, lens hood, and DX5e Tx are a tight fit in a SKB 1209 -4 case, but they are secure and safe for transit..

Unpack_01I use a folding picavet and detach the VTx antenna to fit it all in…



in Bft 4 Ralf’s wonderful KAPfoil 1.6 is my friend…

IMG_20170317_102523This rig :

  • Plastic ‘L’ section top plate
  • Immersion RC 5.8 GHz Tx
  • 2s Lipo 1300mAh cell. The transmitter requires a minimum of 6v and has a regulated 5v output to power the RC reciever.I chose an Overland Supersport pro for its compact size.
  • Spektrum AR400 Rx (for DSM compatability swapped in for the ORX unit in the pic below)
  • Shutter release and video by  Gentles 122 cable
  • Servos are micro size, Feetech FS90 R for pan and Savox SH0232MG for tilt.
  • Folding Picavet and KDH pulleys
  • Ricoh GR camera
  • All up weight 450g

_dsc0011The rig was bouncing around more than I’d like but ok for a range test. At 200m down wind it held up with a steady picture of the camera view…

_R058398The tiny screen did really well, the image breaks up a bit as the rig rotates the Tx antenna to the blind side of the rig.

The best shot from the test flight is a composite of 3 nadir frames:

Magog-Doiwn-17032017-1My range test for the GTeng T909 video receiver was in a rough bluster with very intermittent cloud breaks.


In the end I had very few sharp shots and the tumulus on Magog Down cast no appreciable shadow  but, after all it was only a range test. For KAP 200m down wind is OK and it may do better but the extremities of range usually occur in lighter winds and for that I ‘ll have to wait and see. All week March has roared along at Bft4-5.

The GTeng reciever will definitely be part of the the Ardunio controller project as suggested by Dave Mitchell at:

This project has been a slow starter as I am getting a bit precious over the switches and case for the controls (I have been here before and found it all too easy to get stuck with an uncomfortable set-up) but the assembly is underway. The idea is simple, the programmable Arduino board replaces the big PCB from the Spektrum Tx and uses its signal processor to control the servos on the rig. This has great potential as it should be possible to run AutoKAP sequences and RC control on the same rig. I have added the parts as I get them :

1st AssyI have been able to prove the connections by capture of the heat trace of the assembly:


The trace shows the processors (orange areas on bottom left) are hot but the excitement for me is the warm spot (middle , right) at the antenna base: the ‘system’ is radiating!

Read the next steps and how my first KAP flight under Ardino RC control went here


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2 Responses to GTeng T909

  1. Giddy says:

    I suspect the warm spot (middle, right) is a reflection of something hot. A thermal camera won’t see radio frequency radiation.

    • I think the variuos hot spots are poor connections…The Tx unit (bottom Left) definitely warms up when it’s working: that’s plain to see. At the antenna end I’d expect to see something: 2.4GHz is not enough to fry an egg but it radiates heat as well as radio.

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