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There are many advantages to the kite as aerial platform for photography but very few practitioners use it. One reason KAP is seen as ‘difficult’ is the reliability issue. Many clients can’t or won’t wait for the required conditions.

kap-daysThe sweet spot where I work is a rare thing. This is a local wind rose from the Met Office and the dominant SW is plain to see (Bft 3 is 7-10Knts) :wind-rose-2-5

Other issues are image quality: there is no getting away from the shed-loads of poorly lit, skewed horizon and blurred KAP shots that populate the internet. The very small number of good quality images produced by KAP arise from a handful of photographers who use cameras with decent resolution and are not swayed by the attraction of the lightest camera available- the bug eyed GoPro and its many imitations..


My principal concern is mapping and I’m often struck by how poor a lot of KAP posted on the web is. It’s not that surprising when the intersecting interest groups who use KAP come from a wide selection of disciplines..

KAP-venn_02So the good news is KAP is a healthy mix of art, science and kite flying fun: and is none the less for that. The purists may be few and far between but the technique is refined for many purposes by many folks and new ideas bubble up like IR KAP or the re-purposed UAV gimbal..to think of 2.



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