Royston Kite Festival 2016

On request from the radio team at IWM Duxford I turned up equipped to fly a 40m short wave antenna._R046396This is our radio station with the yellow antenna wire on the floor after running the radio for a couple of hours of brilliant reception but no luck with transmission: something to do with reflected wave issues…the operator wanted to try a different set up with a whip antenna…so I swapped wire lifting for camera lifting.


Attendance was as strong as the sunshine…pale British knees were brought out and burnt in the sun.

I brought kites for all winds: given Bft 3 I would have a variety of kites to fly but on arrival it was clear things were going to be interesting. Bft 5 is a tough place for most kites to fly in, all day long the Royston kite festival invited folks to ‘come and fly’ and for many the struggle was unequal…

Only  a handful of single line kites flew successfully all day: a big 8m Flowform being one of the steadiest.


The flowform 8 came down after a while and was replaced by a PL lifter, to save the line I suspect. The pull of the monster took a team of 3 to walk down.



The DL Trooper copes with Bft5, it may be a little under powered but it will lift a kilo without grief given enough space. I flew the PFK and found its brutal movement too much, it will stay up there but the line tension was savage.


Many kites flew but the battering of gusts up to 28.2 mph found many unable to find stability. Tiny kites littered the air in repeated short arcs crunching into the ground in all directions, a good reminder of why I hate kite festivals: too much junk in the sky!

In general 2 groups of kites coped the best: deltas with a long tail and stunt kites, everything else was pretty much blown out of the sky.



Royston Kite festival in Cambridge News





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