A5 boxes

Practice practice, the harder I try the harder it gets to build these things small.  As a design constraint the box has forced some decisions:

  • Pendulum suspension too big (I tried very hard to get one to fit but no)
  • Canon EosM camera (with 18mm lens) too deep
  • Direct to servo pan mounts too tall
  • Lens tube de-mount required for Ricoh GR
  • Folding Picavet (it’s a scary thing, the fold/unfold action unscrews the crown nut)
  • Micro servos for pan and tilt
  • GentWire shutter control

So far I now have managed 2 rigs that fit snugly.  Carrying ‘full on’ SKB cases is getting a bit of a chore now I’m using human powered transport more and more.

A5 storage box by SB Weston Ltd.

These boxes are sold as paper storage so they are strong enough to carry the weight. The camera is held in place by a  cut out  foam board to take the pan servo and loose bits are held with a lens cloth stuffed  in to kill rattles.

The Canon S95 rig has more metal and a heavier ‘MG’ pan servo than the Ricoh, it also has a fun altimeter which records the apex elevation once 20m is exceeded.

Ricoh GR Auto pan & tilt by clickPan pro, Picavet suspension= 448g

Canon S95 Auto pan & tilt by clickPan pro, ‘Filalu’ suspension=420g

If this dull weather keeps up I’ll probably end up rebuilding again to squeeze out a few more grams…


A place for everything and everything in its place eh?


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