KAV beginings

At last a break in the monotonous cloud cover, a light breeze and it’s time to see what the gimbal can do. The bench testing is over and suspension from a kite line beckons.

Despite the all too rare sunlight I was faced with a very weak flow, the 8’Jones rok gives my best chance at lifting the 780g rig.


These first short clips show the rig is not behaving perfectly but stabilisation has occurred. The light wind forced a fair amount of hand over hand line hauling and this spoilt things rather. Possibly a longer pivot bar might help too.

The tilt axis needs a bit more damping and the roll axis took a knock on the haul down,  this must be down to the very tight headroom over the camera. This is test footage.


A YouTube smoothed version for comparison:

With thanks to James Gentles, OlliW and Al ‘Skysnaps’ the KAV adventure has begun!



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1 Response to KAV beginings

  1. George Hadjidemetriou says:

    Hey Bill,
    Great weather for kite photography right? Love the view!

    Cheers from Belgium

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