Community KAP workshop Nr2

If the weather permits a walk along the bank of the Great Ouse should furnish some intresting views. A downwind walk anlong the riverside is a pleasure, with a kite aloft the aerial view can be captured…


As far as possible I will have kites to fly and cameras to hang from them, a lot depends on the weather on the day, I have a selection of kites to meet most conditions but flying in pouring rain, in the teeth of a gale or flat calm is no fun. I’d like the day to be as productive as time and wind allow so the programme is very flexible.

The options look something like this:

  • A walk down wind with a recovery at the end with the return walk without a kite.
  • A walk down wind and a return walk upwind with the kite ( if wind is light )
  • A fixed point launch and recovery ( if the wind is strong)
  • Multiple fixed point launch and recovery ( if the wind is strong or atendees are too small to hold the line)

The course of the reach between Denver and Downham is largely unchanged since the 13th century, one of the few stretches to be so.


In 1579 Saxton shows a line cutting the corner in much the same way as the modern cut off channel, is this perhaps an historic flood relief channel? Will any trace of it be visible on aerial photography?


A return walk is possible along the Black Bank Dyke although it’s very dependent on wind direction as overhead wires intervene at the Northern end.

The Flood Relief Channel, also known as the Ouse Cut Off Channel, was completed in 1965 and provides both water storage and a route to the sea for excess flow from the Wissey, Lark, Cam and Ely Ouse systems. It is also used as a conduit for water supply to Essex depending on levels and demand.

E A Map 1

Places are limited on the workshop so please email me to book your place. I’ll need a contact phone number as late cancellation is likely and attendees will be advised on rescheduled dates.

Should be fun.




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