V2 HDMI /AV converter for Sony RX1

A new version of the HDMI converter has been released for the Sony Nex 7 with a micro HDMI port.RCD3015G is supplied with bare wires on the AV out side. A 2.5mm jack is added to take the feed into my AV Tx:rm1083_03aThis is good news as it’s a neat fit on the Sony RX1 :

rm1083_01Better still it’s externally powered via a JR/Futaba connector so the battery life on the camera should be extended. The V2 has remote control for IR tripped shutter by use of a radio control channel. The RX1 doesn’t have such a thing so I removed the signal wire and plugged it into a spare channel on the receiver. Works a treat.


The new version is more compact, has the right HDMI plug and draws less power from the camera battery.

KAP forum thread: http://arch.ced.berkeley.edu/kap/discuss/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/60548/#Comment_60548

OverSky product description: http://www.overskyrc.com/hdmi-to-av-sony-converter-v2-new-version-p-479.html




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