Your 2016 KAP calendar

My print run didn’t go as far as I’d hoped this year- the calendars proved too popular. As far as I know they adorn the walls of farm houses, offices and kitchens from Athens to Ottawa.

For those who need to know here are the captions:

W Cam Sq

January: Ramp access on the West Cambridge Campus

Planting Sq

February: Xmas tree planting at Prickwillow Cambs.

The Sluice Sq

March: the Denver Sluice, Norfolk.

Washes Sq

April: Historic bank seepage (with swans)  in the Bedford level, near Sutton Gault, Cambs.

Orchard Sq

May: Apple blossom at Somersham, Cambs.


June: The Ouse in spate at St.Ives, Cambs.


July:  Church of St Andrew, Sutton in the Isle, Cambs.


August: The last cut of the harvest at Dodington, Cambs.


September: Larling Norfolk.


October: Ploughing contest at Prickwillow.

Over Sq

November: The mill at Over, Cambs.


December: The Schlumberger Building, West Cambridge Campus.


On the cover is Downfield Mill, Soham, Cambs.


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6 Responses to Your 2016 KAP calendar

  1. Rob Huntley says:

    Athens to ‘Ottawa’. Becoming well known. That’s great.

    • Thanks Rob, The batch of 10 are scattered far and wide, I like to think the 12 shots of my patch make sense where ever they are.

      I think I’ll try some sort of e-sales method for 2017, provided I get a break in the weather and the drone boys don’t steal my pitch!

      Best wishes for 2016,


  2. robin pigot says:

    i really liked the april and july pics during the year.

  3. Nasim Zand says:

    Wow to the April shot! Maybe the kite would pass Isfahan this year.

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