Surprise rig

‘AutoKAP gives me a buzz… it’s the hunt and excitement… as l walk the kite and camera over the target trying to get every thing lined up, l have this feeling l can see in my mind’s eye that image… have l got it?
Hopefully yes… but as you know sometimes you get some unexpected additional shots.’

says Peter Blackmore, kite designer and builder. He has produced some of the very first performance stunters and team kites in the ’90s (Buzz Designs ‘High Profile’ delta kites (sold through Fizz Kites) had a serious reputation in the stunt world).

He is now an inventive kapper; we have exchanged many emails on rig designs and the finer points of aerial photography. Out of the blue I receive a packet in the post… he has sent me a rig to fly.


It’s a lightweight miniature ‘L’ rig built around a metal gear mini servo (modified to 360) and set up for portrait or landscape formats. I added an e-cig battery, a Gentles clickPan and a USB release. Suspension is by ally tube and a cut down carabineer.


Using a mini servo gives sufficient strength, Peter has fitted 2 small steel bolts from top to bottom to carry the load, with a significant weight saving over a ‘standard’ MG servo. A custom pin is threaded and pinned to the servo shaft to form the pendulum mount. Peter’s idea is that this is the ‘last gasp’ (360 Pan) rig that might just squeak aloft in a failing wind. It certainly is light, minus camera it’s 50g.

During testing on the Ufoil 15 I hitched Peter’s rig to the line in fairly pitchy wind with the kite weaving above it ticked away:



The simple suspension worked well and it’s a welcome addition to my kit.

Thank-you Peter!



The 2 bolts used to fix the servo to the ‘L’ plate 2 small sleeves align them under the servo lugs.

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8 Responses to Surprise rig

  1. Mirco says:

    I like those light Rigs but “”Peter has fitted 2 small steel bolts from top to bottom to carry the load”” Can someone tell me how I do that?

  2. Hi Mirco,

    It’s a threaded bolt machined to fit, it does not run right through the servo but is pinned with an ‘R’ clip on the output shaft.

  3. Renaud says:

    Being not really an “hobbyist”, are that rigs available for purchase somewhere ?

    Thank you, your blog, your work and your pictures are a great source of inspiration for the KAP beginner I am..

  4. Mirco Gasse says:

    Hi Bill, what is the Name of the Servo that you use for this Rig?

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