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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2015. If it were a … Continue reading

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Becotised ITW Ultrafoil 15: Summary

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ITW Ultafoil 15:  summary of modifications for improved Bft 5 stability Bridle length increased to 3.8m Centre bridle line reduced by 1cm Tail increased to 8.5m Vent through put increased by 200% Keel vents added The modifications of the kite … Continue reading

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Surprise rig

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‘AutoKAP gives me a buzz… it’s the hunt and excitement… as l walk the kite and camera over the target trying to get every thing lined up, l have this feeling l can see in my mind’s eye that image… … Continue reading

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Stock /Becotised ITW Ultrafoil 15 fly off

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I have the loan of an un-modified ‘stock’ Ufoil15. Here it is flying alongside the Becotised version. The lateral movement of the stock kite is clearly visible as is the effect of the modified kite. Lighting conditions were poor but … Continue reading

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Becotised Ultrafoil 15. Good kite, happy man.

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The last one of these I did was for the HQ Flowform2.0 which uses a much heavier grade of fabric. For the Ufoil which I think is 31g/m Icarex I used a No.60 needle and a fine  polyester thread. Tulle … Continue reading

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Ultrafoil 15 mods for stability part 3

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Into the Wind, suppliers of the Ultrafoil describe the kite thus: “ITW UltraFoil 15 Kite Ray and Jeanne Merry update the Flowform With its uniquely vented design, the UltraFoil 15 has a very wide wind range. In light winds, its … Continue reading

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Ultrafoil 15 mods for stability part 2

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It occurred to me Ray Merry has a design signature: the meshed slot is a nice detail on the original Flexifoil and he has used a similar feature on the Ultrafoil. It’s a neat way of getting air into the … Continue reading

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Ultrafoil 15 mods for stability part 1

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Shortening the middle bridle line had an adverse effect on the stability of the Ufoil. it actually made things worse.  A short discussion with Ivo van Olmen pointed towards excessive internal pressure so I decided to vent the crazy weaving … Continue reading

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Ultrafoil 15 Bft 5 stabilty

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Update. Ultrafoil 15 crash. My confidence in the Ultrafoil has been building and I think I have found it’s upper wind speed limit. It does well at the lower end of Bft 4  but can be a real handful as … Continue reading

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