1st Oct 2015 flaky wind on Midsummer Common

The last wire snapped in place, connections checked..the case screwed shut at last and almost no wind. High pressure and an dominant NorEasterly are never good in these parts and so it proved to be- the one lifter (the Jones 8’Rok) that would have delivered the required power was left at home.

I had the good fortune to have Dave Mitchell for company who is on holiday in these parts:

He has made use of the pendulum details published here  and built a lovely tilting L rig for his S100 – something I have yet to achieve. I flew 3 kites (DL R8, ITW Leviation Light, Didak Exploer 2.7) to find the lift needed for the RC rig to get to play with the new controller but to no avail, the wind was peaking at around 10mph and dropping to 8 with lulls well below that. Digging deep into the sky I could get an auto rig up but the big rig was not having it- too heavy for the wind. I was trying to use a heavy OM EP1 which didn’t help.

Wind speed 01102015Meanwhile Dave was well away with a much loved FF30:

and he easily got the best shot of the day despite the kite rising and falling in the weak flow:

I’d been playing with the settings on the EosM and paid an awful price. 400 hopeless exposures later I realised my mistake:

Blundereven with heavy editing the exposures are beyond repair- I’d opted for TV at 1/500th with an ISO of 800 clearly the wrong numbers. Heigh ho.

We got a single shot from the new controller: proof of concept at any rate. Dave Mitchell is the genius behind Stick and it was great to share his knowledege of  KAP people, places and the joy of the kite lifted camera.

Looking forward to more shared skies,


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