Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 8

Final layout. Closing the lid requires all the holes to be in the right places, all the components to be fixed in x, y and z.

Top layout final

Setting out of the cut-outs was a mix of CAD deduction and measurement from the partial assembly, a card mockup tested the screen and thumbstick apertures …

layout final

The final layout became a compromise based on where things would fit with the top plate fitted, the options narrowed down as the ‘fiddle to fit’ operation struggled to find space for it all.

The top plate was machined professionally and the fitting began all over again when I got it back. Very small adjustments were needed to get the thumbstick to clear the  cover and the top mounted boards (trimmers and battery meter)  shorted board to board, time and again I closed the case, hit the power switch only to discover a new short.   Spacers were filed down, much tape applied .

Inevitably I broke a wire or two in taking the thing apart so many times, the antenna feed wires are really fragile and the .ul /SMA cable was beyond repair: a replacement at £3.90 is on order so first testing is close range with the Tx antenna disconnected.

The unit is heavy, although about the same weight as the 3 units I used before, the battery life is good, and the balance in the left hand workable.

It weighs 1050g the old system:

_DSC0421weighed a little less (930g) but was a constant source of worry, losing the cables, lose connectors, charging the 3 different battery types  and setting the video channel are now all dealt with, connectors fixed in place, powered off a single rechargeable source :

_DSC3892One more wire to go and its life of field work can begin!




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1 Response to Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 8

  1. SMAC says:

    WOW, great ! impressed by the engineering and layout work – SMAC

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