A theme has emerged, ‘always be Knolling’ seems to have morphed into ..stripes…Stretham Solar_660 wide

_dsc3773_21304722762_o _mg_0143_20166830970_o _mg_0546_10445788165_o _mg_1542_21706025286_o _mg_3617_13348669114_o _mg_4971_13755189043_o _mg_5008_13755174405_o _mg_5555_16568755014_o _mg_7877_9656352839_o _mg_9906_19731411543_o a-place-in-the-sun_6905862612_o boomtown-2013-the-arrival_9471966166_o busway-detail-15072011_5940876407_o img_1904_21683174945_o img_8614_17322824821_o lines_5191589761_o no-sun-solar-farm_5961546215_o plough-pattern_4612641442_o wilburton-solar-farm-09082011_03_6025076301_o


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2 Responses to Stripes

  1. Renaud says:

    It’s a very inspired theme and photos.

    Great work !


  2. BKT says:

    I love stripes. Well done, Bill! :o)

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