Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 6

Component layout. I now have some idea how the screen will fit and almost all the components are now wired, tested and ready for something close to a final layout. I have fitted the top cap and antennae to get an idea of the balance point: it pushes the controls toward the centre of the long side. Operation with one hand is practical although this is no lightweight- with batteries it’s a hefty 1kg.

IMG_1354The slider (tilt) and thumbstick (pan and shoot) sit easily under my thumb.

Looks like a big enough case but its a tight fit to get it all in:

Transmitter recasing_02

Still short of an SMA connector to the video reciever but the layout is now firmed up. ..the location of the components is more or less fixed by where they can go rather than where I’d like them:

IMG_1346The screen location is very constrained: the controller board won’t fit under the LCD panel so it sits higher up the assembly than I envisaged. The thumbstick PCB is rasied 12.5mm above the base panel to give clearance for a minimum diameter (22m) cut out.  The 6 xAA Eneloop pros give 8.58v at peak.

So much of this has been done, undone, broken and redone as I fit and re-fit parts, sadly it could not be otherwise as I’m learning how this works as I go. Each step is checked for RF radiation and volatge leak as it’s fitted….and re-fitted.

Next.. fixing the reciever antenna and screen boards, a shake down (at last) and, if that goes well,  marking up the top panel cut outs. I’m looking forward to getting outdoors again…


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One Response to Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 6

  1. Ramon says:

    Hey Bill,

    You’ve been busy lately, I see. Nice housing, good job. If still possible, I would separate the antennas more for better isolation. Also, although it is a so-called omnidirectional antenna, I would point the Fat Shark straight up. And the antenna leads… the shorter the better, especially the 5.8 GHz one.

    Good luck putting it all together and have fun with the ‘Maiden Flight’.


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