Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 5

Video receiver board. I knew this would be a tight fit and so it proved to be. The case had to be filed away in 3 places to accept the board. To have space to fit the SMA antenna connector the transmitter board was cut down. I used a swiss file to gently  cut away the switch support tab. Power to the board is supplied through a cut down jack connector, soldering onto the board was too risky for me!


I have to figure out how to get a video feed off the receiver to the screen. My first idea (after the discovery there is not room in the box for the jack connector) is to solder on to the back of the jack socket.

Bind Switch. This is push to make, not push to break. I wired in the wrong switch and had to replace it…

Another set back. I discover the case cannot be assembled with the battery in situ- it jams the hinge of the lid. You have to feed the battery in through the hole provided in the bottom cap. I ripped off the battery leads trying to get this to work.

Screen. The screen is a 2.5″ CCTV tester screen off ebay:

IMG_1344The the thing is self powered via a  3.7 V battery with DC input of 5.2v un-cased it comprises 2 elements linked by a ribbon connector:IMG_1338I wired a video out line from the back of the jack connector on the Rx board, gently prising up the the tab helped get a positive fix for the wire.

The screen is powered at 5v by a second UBEC:

IMG_1340the next problem is to sort the antennae mounting, screen fixings and cutting the aperture for the joystick, screen and slider…



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