Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 4

The components arrive by post and I fit them as they do.

Slide pot for tilt. Replacing the tilt control with a 10k slide pot improves the mock up human interface. The pot is a cheap (89p) 10K ohm 0.2w with a 30mm throw from Digikey. Finding a short throw one was difficult and it’s not ideal as it has a heavy centre detent but its a big improvement on the squiggly thumbstick:


The slider seems to cause the tilt servo to twitch as it steps over the centre notch, the ‘T’ channel trimmer helps this but perhaps a lever actuated pot or even a thumbwheel might be better…

The ‘push to shoot’ aspect of the thumbstick is functional now the tilt is removed from it.

6x AA battery pack. The Rolec case is designed to take an AA battery pack. 6 cells should power everything as they can deliver a stable 7.2 v. The video receiver is heavy on current with a quoted 12v draw, I have run it on a 7.4 LiPo successfully to date.

SMA to IPX antenna connector. The transmitter antenna is swapped for a de-mountable one to be bulkhead mounted on the top end cap. A 30cm connector was used. KAP is a short range activity (compared to flying a model aircraft) so the recommended stand off from the case to enhance radiation had been dropped to save space.

The long awaited case arrived and to my relief the big transmitter board fits. Not without grief though, the mounting slot shorted the board so it’s edge was insulated with a strip of tape and a card underlay. Fortunately no harm was done and the assembly continued.  The 6 AA cells fit snugly in the battery tray and I get an idea of the weight of the thing at last.

IMG_1329Switch and charge connector. I’m hoping to get all components powered from a single battery and this requires voltage regulation. 2 UBECs are used to supply 6v to the transmitter board and 5v to the LCD screen. The battery pack can be charged through the connector. Drilling the holes in the die-cast zinc was tougher than I expected.

IMG_1334Next steps are fitting (and testing..will it need shielding? will the current draw exceed the battery pack?) the video components, antennae, bind switch, fixing PCB mountings before I finalise the manual controls and get the top cut.


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