Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 3

A setback. With a working set of components I began testing the control system. Hooked up to a rig with video relay the ergonomics of this become apparent. The 3 controls on one thumbstick is HORRIBLE.

I thought this might be a generational problem so I passed the control to an Xbox user who confirmed it is the wrong way to do this.

The pan control is fine, the tilt is very difficult to keep steady when pressing the button to shoot. You line everything up and at the point of tripping the shutter the view is skewed. Not good.

The control is not good enough to go beyond mock-up. I swapped back the original 2 pot gimbal and my xboxer confirmed this was better. I’m now looking for small 10k slide potentiometer to control the tilt and see if the thumbstick is still useful for pan.

This is all good to know before cutting metal, I might end up with something like this:

mobilCase 180 new size MIT tilt slider

KAP controller top off top on



I’m not sure the shutter release can live on the button either but I’m now hunting a 10k slider pot…pity, I liked the idea of one button for all controls but lining up a shot was like balancing a broom on one finger..far too dificult compared the previous method.


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