Ruggedised transmitter for remote camera control: part 2

Wiring in the joystick. The thumb joystick and its break out board arrived and a process of substitution from the potentiometer wires made the pan and tilt connections. The shutter release is wired to the ‘gear’ channel: IMG_1327 IMG_1325I hate soldering and, as ever I made a mess of this one. The contacts for the gear channel switch are a 50/50 on which should be wired to ground.  I found out which was which the hard way and having to re-solder the contacts.

Next steps will be linking in the video reciever to the power…searching out a battery which will power both the transmitter and video reciver and its screen. ..and waiting for the MobilCase from Germany.

The lazy way to mount the screen looks a bit lame especially as there will be external wires involved:

mobilCase 180 new size MIT SCR

Siting the VRx antenna upsets the clean lines but it has to go somewhere:

mobilCase 180 new size MIT SCR 2

So far so good: the gubbins is much reduced by the addition of the thumb joystick.


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