Royston 2015. Hitching a ride

It took us an age to organise our antenna but by 13.00 we were live and catching signals from Europe. The wind was an on and off affair with the wire dropping at irregular intervals, even though the kite was well clear of the local rotor it proved impossible to keep the wire vertical for more than 5 minutes at a time. I paid out more and more line to steepen the precious 40m length but to no avail.

windspeed 02082015

We couldn’t raise our oposite contact in the Netherlands… as the wind cut only the best kites stayed aloft- the Jones 8’Rok and a stranger I was yet to meet: a winged box which hung over the field in the blue blue sky. These two kites worked when all others failed. The see-saw wind didn’t give up and the threat of a becalmed event passed…

Before things got started I flew a camera over the site …


and snapped the event team getting their final breifing…the preparation of a stunt train…and an awful lot of blank green grass….


The Rok performed admirably but the antenna less so- the constant rise and fall just never gave up.  With an eye on the sky I watched the shoals of kites flutter, the big box never wavered…sitting up high it was clearly a lifter of some pedigree.

As the afternoon drew to a close the box flier came to say hello and I took the oportunity to offer him a cmaera to fly. As my Rok was still busy with antenna duties I thought the oportunity was too good to miss. There was no question box kite was up to the job so a Filalu rig was hitched to his line and the best shots of the day secured:

IMG_1097 IMG_1222 IMG_1230 IMG_1238 IMG_1259 IMG_1453

Eddie and his winged box..a great lifter. He told us he made it 20 years ago and was flying it on new line.

IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1456

Contacts were few but the simple set up scored in Germany, Ireland and Scotland.

3000 folk attended!


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3 Responses to Royston 2015. Hitching a ride

  1. Sue Storey says:

    Looks like a great event. I love the cyclops over the crowd photo. Sometimes photos of Kites look like they’re lying on the ground.

    The winged box isn’t very big is it to think it stayed flying high all days when your roc was struggling.

    • Sue, the Rok easily out-flew the winged box, the 2 were the only kites to fly through the lull but the Rok kept a better angle. The problem with the Rok was it wouldn’t let the antenna wire stay vertical- it never failed to stay up there though!

      I hitched a ride for the camera on Eddies box as the Rok was busy with antenna lifting.

      I think the kites from above look like fish…

  2. Ramon says:

    Nice, I see some long distance call signs (US, Brazil) and in the middle my own. What a pitty we couldn’t ‘connect’, Bill. Like you said. we’ll try again next year. Or the next.

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