More thought on a kite stability index

Marvin scale Paul Chapman pointed out the definitive text on kite stability theory is by CF Marvin, his book The Mechanics and Equilibrium of Kites  published in 1898. As a begining I suggest ‘Marvin’ as the unit of kite stability. Paul suggests a ‘Carpet Plot’ to show the 3 axes Bft/Stability/Aspect Ratio together. He sent a sketch as a suggestion: Pierre Thiffault points out :

Charles F. Marvin was the man behind the weather kite stations network in the USA. This essay secured him the 100$ prize offered in 1897 by the Boston Aeronautical Society (at the initiative of Octave Chanute). Marvin was soon to be appointed Chief of the Weather Bureau, a position he kept for 21 years. He litterally wrote the book on kite station operations. A great man.

I’d like to refine the descriptive index, Beuafort was concise, accurate and almost poetic in his choice of words to descibe the effect of wind (force 4) :

‘Raises dust and loose paper, small braches are moved’

this is compact, universal and clear use of language- many words are used to describe kite movement:

‘Weave’, ‘Wobble’, ‘Swoop’, ‘Hang’, ‘Wave’, ‘Flag’, ‘Luff, ‘Heel’, ‘Loop’, ‘Spin’, ‘Pump’, ‘Slack line’, ‘Iron bar’, ‘Nailed’, ‘liquid’ ‘fluid’ ‘jerky’ ‘swooping’ ‘death dive’ ‘plummet’ ‘waggle’ ‘weaving’, ‘rocking’, ‘yawing’, ‘rolling’…

I’ll see if I can get down to a few carefully chosen terms for the next draft of what I hope will be the Marvin scale of kite stability. B

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2 Responses to More thought on a kite stability index

  1. Sue Storey says:

    Some thoughts on the stability of Kites
    “Fly to the left” “Fly to the right” “lean”
    Fly High

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