WWKW 2015

Pressure..too much pressure! World Wide Kite Aerial Photography Week (WWKW) is the all too short week the worldwide KAP community make an effort to fly, mostly for fun. The idea is simple. We submit our photos and we can share the experience across the globe. I, having failed in previous years, wanted to show my landscape as I see time, light, wind and place come together.

Becalmed and beset by overcast skies I ache for the skies…at last my first opportunity came and in fading light I headed for the Washes knowing I’d be clear of trees wires and the like but in minutes the flight was cut short buy sudden rain, a glance over my shoulder upwind and the blackening sky told it’s story of rain, hail and nowhere to hide. I got the camera and kite safe as the first spatter hit. Then, soaked, I reeled in the sodden line and headed home…_DSC2502..a glimmer of sunlight was all I caught before the wetlands were washed with fresh rain. Next day I headed off to see if I could make sense of one of the county’s newest crops: PV arrays:

IMG_8902which ended up as an exercise in hope. The wind was light and I flew the Jones 8’rokkaku, it took some patient work paying out ever greater lengths of line then hauling most of it back in to raise the sail in steps until it caught  into the flow and bit the soft evening breeze. A pleasant walk with the kite way off down wind scattering hares while waiting for the sun to appear and perhaps a lucky hit from my lightest rig would capture something of the setting below…

IMG_9084…half an hour later the sun leaked through the cloud-base to little effect on my subject which was masked in shadow…and the SD card was full of fuzzy under exposures.

So far the week was less than rewarding, but this is how it for those of us who choose to do a difficult thing: the idea of ‘performing on demand’ is ludicrous give the vagaries of wind and light, not to mention work, family, keeping house and all the many things that eat into time.

Practice, patience and persistence pay off and my 3rd flight of the week  was a snap decision after giving up waiting for the sun again I headed home …just as the sun broke through at Sutton in the Isle. In a state of near panic I grabbed my gear and ran to the  churchyard behind the great tower pulled the kite up out of the wind shadow and lo:

_DSC2564 _DSC2565 _DSC2570 _DSC2726 _DSC2752I hadn’t planned to fly here but this is a subject I am drawn to: the tower geometry of Ely’s daughter church is a puzzle the aerial view resolves nicely. I have yet to take a true nadir shot of it and the smooth lift from the DS Levitation meant I was able to gradually lower the camera by walking down a fixed line, the daylight held ’till 9 and, despite failing to get that exact nadir shot, I got the gold..the evening light on the tower was mine to catch!

Now the pressure’s off and I have a day in hand before the curtain falls on WWKW 2015…sometimes getting these shots is about overcoming fear and one of my many fears is to have the ambition to get a photo push me over a safety limit- it’s a strange mix of falling back on the familiar but pushing things a bit harder to see what can be done.


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