AutoKAP ‘A5’ rig shakedown

This is my 3rd one of these, and I have been flying it and tweaking it for a while now. It is built to fit in an A5 box for transport. The pan gear uses recycled printer cartridge parts driven by a ‘micro’ servo as opposed to the ‘bomb proof’ Tower Pro MG servo and KAPshop gears I have used previously. This has shaved some weight off . It’s a Picavet version too as I haven’t found a good ‘miniature’ pendulum that fits the A5 box constraint yet.

The key features are:

  •  Compact size:  16 x 13 x 4.5cm.
  •  Folding Picavet with KDH pulleys.
  • High torque micro servo for tilt.
  • Gentles ‘180’ added for full tilt sweep.
  • Lightweight 2:1 pan gear.
  • Feetech FS90r 360 CR pan servo.
  • 3.7V LiIon mobe battery.
  • Balanced for Eos M and S95 camera.
  • 380g with S95.
  • 600g with Eos M.
  • clickPanPro control.
  • GentLED/USB shutter release.

I used heavy 2mm gauge aluminum strip for the main frame parts and lighter 1.5mm L section cut down for fitting the pan gear and power switch, the compact layout is made to survive the rigors of transport . _MG_5620_MG_5622A big snag was the Feetech FS90r. It wouldn’t respond properly to the cPP. In desperation I tried a Gent ‘180’ more tilt device and this resolved the problem by getting it to respond and revealing it needed ‘tuning’ by tweaking its adjustment pot with the screw provided via the hole on the base:Fs90r 840wOnce adjusted all was well and after some shake down flights which revealed the need for

  • a high torque tilt servo to drive the Eos M,
  • a Gentles 180 ‘more tilt’ device to get a full 90 degrees of tilt
  • tweaks to the balance with Velcro fitted components
  • star washer to lock the drive gear on the pan servo

it’s proving to be productive, of the mix of shots it produces it’s the surprise nadir ones I enjoy the most:

IMG_8620_MG_5596_MG_5490 _MG_5561 _MG_5513Once packed in the A5 box it’s a neat package:_MG_6072IMG_8761I dare say I could cut out some of the weight but I’m happy with ‘robust’ for now. It would be nice to get the Eos M to fit the box but its too big unless I de-mount its lens.

Now I have proven AutoKAP (one pan only panoramic and this 2 axis tilt) alternatives to deploy depending on transport options and this should widen opportunities for low level aerial photography as my time for flying the deep skies for the fun of it seems to be shrinking as work piles in.


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2 Responses to AutoKAP ‘A5’ rig shakedown

  1. Love the abstract nature of the images. Some day I’ll get a rig and try KAPing myself.

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