Pan gear details

This is a simple or even a silly question, but still I want to know.
How do you attach your a custom made Pan Gear to the Centre Shaft that carries the Rig and the Shaft to the Picavet. I found bit difficult while doing mine. They have to be very tight, to produce a Pan motion.
I found easier to to attach the Shaft with the Picavet as many did, but found bit difficult with my Pan Gear to get attached firmly to the Centre Shaft.

To answer the question the following pics show how the pan gear is fitted on a variety of rigs:


1.Drive gear on servo mounting plate fixed to rig in contact with driven gear.

Filalu Ixus 7

2. Home made gear guide from 2 x L pieces.


3. Spacers and lock nuts to secure driven gear at required height.

Pan gear 9

4. Pendulum mount method.

Brooxes Classic Rig5.Brooxes Better Gear Guide (BBGG) assembled.

16 and 25mpixel cameras

16 and 25mpixel cameras

6. 2 methods of using 360 servos. Left: direct to servo suspension. Right : geared.

L Rig GA

7. Panoramic rig using geared pan drive on BBGG.

L rig geared-5

8. Pan gear fixing: a sleeve is used to set the height and a lock nut to clamp the gear in place.L rig geared-4

7. Picavet cross attachment, a lock nut is used to prevent slipping.

L rig geared-3

8. Pan axle at bottom end. The bolt head is washered, nylon is best.

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2 Responses to Pan gear details

  1. Dusariez says:

    Well done bravo !

  2. Ramon says:

    Excellent material here, Bill. My hat off for your CAD skills. I wish I had such advanced tools back in the nineties when my daily job was creating CAD drawings.

    I still follow your blog posts but a lack the time to comment most of the time. Priorities are slightly different these days :0)

    Will be heading for ‘the island’ in a couple of hours for a week out in the wild. Time to fool around a bit with kites, rigs, cameras and antennas.



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