Apple blossom time…

_MG_5454Surely the flower display would be a wonder to see from above… _MG_5581The weight reduction continues..I swapped the pendulum for a Picavet when I found the rig wouldn’t fit in its A5 box with a new tilt servo. I can’t figure out why but the the micro servos vary in size a fair bit and asking them to heave the Eos M about kills them if the balance isn’t right. A  high torque replacement made the rig too wide for the box. The A5 box has become the challenge.. IMG_7962 The A5 box is a tough constraint to work to- so far the pendulum system I use just won’t fit it. With new centres to balance the Eos M, new tilt servo…and a Picavet the ‘A5’ rig now looks like this: _MG_5601-2 The previous version ( my preferred but no longer fits in the box: yes, 1st time out the Picavet jammed on me reminding me of the simplicity of the pendulum…) was easier to use but heavier.. CRW_1147 IMG_1144 but I just can’t get the whole thing in the box. _MG_5602The Filalu is an easy fit so I now have 2, easy to carry around rigs giving me a choice of 3 cameras to fly. Eos M, S95 and Ixus. Why 2 rigs?…well if the lift is there the Levitation will pull them both into the sky at different heights and get me a good mix of shots, less lift means my option is the Filalu with the Ixus, a little more and the S95 flies, more still and the EosM goes up…and at around 12mph (given enough space) I can send the second rig up too. The options should make ‘fly & forget’ KAP something I can do on a snap decision and wring the very best of the opportunity out of what KAP bag holds. This year the spring seems sudden and I have long thought the market gardens of the county look their best in blossom. Some of the orchards around Somersham and Bluntisham are as old as the adventurers themselves. The blossom only holds for about a week and and the bloom is variable from place to place. Variations in micro-climate are evident in the siting of the orchards. I caught this orchard in an Easterly at Colne, on the Pathfinder Way : IMG_7997-2 The wind had more bite than I ‘d like so I flew 2 rigs to dampen the sweep of the Levitation delta. _MG_5529 I decided to get the better reso camera highest and put the S95 on pano duty lower down. This got a mix of nadir and obliques.

_MG_5596The trees in this orchard are of a great age and the boom years of  fruit production in the 1890s -1930s must have been something to see. 200 years of continuous orchard husbandry is not unusual here.


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