Mini USB connector for CHDK

There is plenty out there on this but Tom Benedict asked for info on how the wiring works on this so here is how I did one. The advantage of this method is the size and weight reduction over the available connectors.  It is not without problems as the shielding of the 2 required wires from the shell of the connector is a very tight fit. I relied on heat shrink to hold the whole thing together. It’s fragile but it works.

The key facts:

  • Sleeve the Heatshrink before adding the connector
  • Red (+ve) wire goes to pin 1
  • White (signal) wire goes to pin 4 /ground
  • Check continuity
  • Insulate bare wire from shell
  • Discard top plate of shell- it shorts out the wires too easily

…and as Ivor Cutler tells us: use a brick!

I hesitate to call this time lapse, it’s more a case of ‘super-bodger-mation’ but the clip should give an idea of the process. The whole thing is just one fiddle after another but although I hate soldering and this is no easy one to do, it works:


Time will tell if the connector holds up to transport, flight and recovery…luckily I have spares!


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