At Denver complex

I flew Filalu at Denver sluice. The flow, as ever over the fen, was laminar, mercifully light at a max of  7mph with occasional lulls. I opted for the 9′ delta as I feared even a small rise in wind-speed would get anything more powerful in trouble. The wind was Easterly which usually spells trouble- Easterlies here are cold, have holes in and get rough. The little Canon on a wire took the best shots of the 3 cameras I used, being lighter, flying higher. The Ixus 7 under CHDK will only run for about 20 minutes before its card is full. I got 240 shots, mostly sharp, and these I consider the best of the batch: IMG_7150-2 IMG_0658IMG_0746I flew the big camera but it needed a bigger lifter: something I didn’t want to try, me being a bit wind shy after the overblown kite incident yesterday. This is one of a burst of Rx1 shots taken slack line before I gave up with it: _DSC1685-2After a handful of shots I brought the big rig down and switched to a more relaxed autoKAP method:IMG_7203 IMG_0802 The difference in weight between the S95 and the Ixus is no that much but enough to allow a wider field of view from the lighter camera: Ix7&S95 compared On the left Ixus 7 on Filalu (all up at 300g) on the right S95 on my standard pendulum (all up at 450g). The kite is the legendary ITW 9′ Levitation light with Skyshark 8p spreader spar. At last I feel I’m getting to know my way around the complex with a line in the sky…


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